Looking to trade forex?  Or perhaps you’re planning to diversify your portfolio with a range of financial products?  Whatever you want to trade, Infinox offers you access to the most popular CFD trading markets. We’ve got you covered, so choose your markets and trade your way.

Forex CFD

Buy and sell currency pairs on the most popular trading market, and exploit the results of world events.

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Indices CFD

Speculate the major markets based on the effects of global trade and the performance of big business.

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Commodities CFD

Trade the world’s raw materials, including gold, silver and energy products like crude oil.

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Cryptocurrencies CFD

Traders have massive potential to boom or bust in the volatile and still developing cryptocurrency market.

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Equity CFD

Trade stocks and shares in some of the world’s biggest companies and best known brands.

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Futures CFDs

Trade the futures market using CFDs, and get greater access for smaller outlay.

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