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Instant access to the world's most liquid Stock Exchange indices
FTSE 100 (footsie) for the 100 most highly capitalised companies listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange)
Vodafone, Barclays, Rolls Royce and more
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Peter Karsten
Commercial director


Our MT4 platform is the perfect environment for trading on some of the world’s most liquid stock exchange indices. Indices are a massive part of the global financial markets. They represent an index’s most valuable shares, with all companies contributing to the overall value. The value of the index rises goes up and down depending on the fortunes of its respective companies. We offer you opportunities to trade European, Asian & US indices. You can trade long or short, meaning you can diversify your trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments, as well as take advantage of the different opportunities that global equities markets present. With flexible leverage and real time pricing linked to actual stock market performance, indices with low spreads offer the chance to profit from small price movements on global markets.


  • Access to global indices directly on our MT4 platform
  • Trade on a macro economic level and diversify your trading portfolio.
  • Reduce your exposure to individual stocks and benefit from positive trade winds.

Contract Specifications

This table gives an indication of the margin requirements and lot sizes for our indices

  Instrument Platform Symbol Size
(Standard Lot)
Stop Distance
Margin Currency Min.
Trade Size
  FTSE 100 UK 100 £1 800 points £60 GBP 1  
  Xetra DAX GER 30 €1 1000 points €60 EUR 1  
  CAC 40 FRA 40 €1 300 points €40 EUR 1  
  Euro Stoxx 50 EUSTX 50 €1 400 points €70 EUR 1  
  Dow Jones Industrial Average US 30 $1 900 points $90 USD 1  
  S&P 500 SPX 500 $10 20 points $120 USD 1  
  Nasdaq 100 NAS 100 $1 400 points $25 USD 1  
  S&P/ASX 200 AUS 200 $1 700 points $60 AUD 1  
  Hang Seng Index HKG30 HKD 10 20 points HKD 2150 HKD 1  
  Italy 40 ITA40 $ 1 300 points $ 90 USD 1  
  China A50 CHINA50 $ 1 20 points $ 0.02 * MARKET PRICE USD 1  
  Japan 225 JPN225 JPY 100 1200 points JPY 19000 JPY 1  

*For a buy order, stop loss should be set below: bid price-min stop distance*point size
**For a sell order, stop loss should be set above: ask price+min stop distance*point size
*** Intuitively, if the tick price is rounded to two decimal places, then the point size is 0.01. In other words, 1 point= 0.01 currency. If the tick price is an integer, then the point size is 1. In other words, 1 point=1 currency. For example, 1 point equals to 1 penny for UK100, whereas 1 point equals to 1 cent for China50.

Trading FOREX and CFD’s is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.