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Peter Karsten
Commercial director


The FOREX (Foreign Exchanges) market is the largest and most liquid in the world. Over $5 trillion is traded every day, meaning there’s opportunity even in the most unpredictable of markets. FX traders buy or sell a currency hoping that it will rise or fall against the value of another in order to profit from the difference in price. Forex traders benefit from trading regularly and taking advantage of volatility caused by high volumes of trading activity. FX prices are affected by macro/micro economic and geopolitical events that happen throughout the world including interest rates, inflation, government policy, employment figures and elections.

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  • The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest asset class and the most liquid with a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. Trading forex (FX, foreign exchange trading) offers opportunities whatever the volatility in the market
  • You can access a wide range of instruments to trade including all majors, as well as minor currency pairs

Contract Specification

This table gives an indication of the margin requirements and pip values for a few of our most popular currency pairs.

  Instrument Platform Symbol Size Margin Currency Profit currency  
  Australian Dollar vs US Dollar AUDUSD 100000 1000 AUD USD  
  Euro vs US Dollar EURUSD 100000 1000 EUR USD  
  Euro vs Great British Pound EURGBP 100000 1000 EUR GBP  
  Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar GBPUSD 100000 1000 GBP USD  
  US Dollar vs Japanese Yen USDJPY 100000 1000 USD YEN  
Please be aware that the margin requirements are calculated based on the standard leverage ratio of 100:1. Where different leverage is applied to the account, the margin requirements will be different. A higher leverage will result in a lower margin requirement per position.
Example 1

A client sells 0.5 lots of EURUSD @ 1.10638
The position is closed @ 1.11732

Profit/loss is calculated as
(1.10638 – 1.11732) x 50,000 = USD -547

The profit/loss is converted
to the accounts currency

GBP Account Example:
USD -547/1.564 = GBP -349


Example 2

A client buys 1 lot of GBPUSD @ 1.56397
The position is closed @ 1.56612

Profit/loss is calculated as
(1.56397 – 1.56612) x 100,000 = USD 215

The profit/loss is converted
to the accounts currency

EUR Account Example:
USD 215/1.106 = EUR 194.39


Example 3

A client sells 0.5 lots of USDJPY @ 123.661
The position is closed @ 122.932

Profit/Loss is calculated as
(123.661 – 122.932) x 50,000 = JPY 36,450

The profit/loss is converted
to the accounts currency

USD Account Example:
JPY 36,450/123.66 = USD 294.75


Trading FOREX and CFD’s is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.