Spot Gold and Silver Trading
Use CFDs (Contracts for Difference) to take advantage of prices moving up (long) or down (short)
Gold (XAUUSD) , Silver (XAGUSD) and more
Contracts begin from as small as 0.01
Trade precious metals with a risk level that suits your strategy
trading fundamentals
Peter Karsten
Commercial director


The commodities markets have some of the best and most volatile investments available. A sharp investor can very often tell the health of an economy by the price of the most liquid commodities markets. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, for example, are always seen as safe havens during times of economic or political turmoil. It goes the other way as well, with the price of Brent Crude Oil having a huge effect on the economy of every country in the world. If you’re a serious trader, you should seriously consider adding commodities to your MT4 watchlist and investment portfolio.

trade. Commodities

  • Commodities are the backbone of our global economy. Trade gold, silver and crude oil – the dynamic components of our economic and political world
  • The top four commodities pairs are USD with Gold, Silver, Brent crude and WTI crude

Contract Specifications  

This table gives an indication of the lot sizes and trading hours of our commodities

  Instrument Platform Symbol Spread Lot size  
  Spot Gold XAUUSD Variable 100 oz  
  Spot Silver XAGUSD Variable 5,000 oz  
  Spot Brent Crude Oil UKOUSD Variable 100 barrels  
  Spot WTI Crude Oil USOUSD Variable 100 barrels  
  WTI Crude Oil Future CL-OIL Variable 1000 barrels  

* Intuitively, if the tick price is rounded to two decimal places, then 1 point= 0.01 currency. If the tick price is rounded to 3 decimal places, then 1 point=0.001 currency. For example, 1 point equals to $0.001 for Oil, whereas 1 point equals to 1 cent for Gold.

Trading FOREX and CFD’s is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.